The secret of brewing Roadside Tavern

The secrets of brewing – Burren Brewery

Named by Lonely Planet “Global Beer Guide” as one of the three best craft breweries in Ireland, the Burren Brewery has quickly become a place of pilgrimage for lovers of characterful and crafted brews.

The three staple beers, the Burren Gold (lager), Burren Red (ale) and Burren Black (stout) have been recently complemented by a gruit beer called “Euphoria”. Peter Curtin, master brewer and owner of the Roadside Tavern, tells the remarkable story of the gruit beer which is brewed the ancient Irish way. It doesn’t contain hops but wild herbs, and is brewed with the help of wild yeast from the Burren.

In the video below, Peter tells the story of how he gathered the wild yeast at a very special place in the Burren, not knowing if his experiment would work or not. He reveals why the resulting gruit beer is called “Euphoria”, and talks about the intricate process of brewing.