The Micilín Conlon Festival 2021

The upcoming October bank holidays weekend sees the continuation of the Micilín Conlon festival tradition in the Roadside Tavern. Well-respected local musicians will come in and play in honour of the late Micilín who was a firm regular in the Roadside up until his passing.

Have a look at the schedule on the poster above to see who is coming to play!

As already done in October, we will continue the Saturday night trad sessions in the Roadside Tavern for November – something to cheer us up and look forward to! The Roadside opens its doors every Saturday at 6pm until closing for first class trad music, Burren Brewery beers and some craic.

For the Micilín Conlon Festival, the Roadside Tavern’s opening times are as follows:

Friday 22 Oct 2021: 6pm to end
Saturday 23 Oct 2021: 2pm to end
Saturday 24 Oct 2021: 2pm to end